Janus System

Our company, in addition to everything related to a Loading Computer basic, offers (see Loading Computer Janus):

  1. Safe return to port with intact ship: Real-time control (dynamic) of: Heel, trim and intact stability, with regulation of anti-heeling tanks; Parametric Resonance, and / or luffed with adjustable stabilizers tanks; High waves and / or navigation on the crest of the wave; Heel, Trim and damages stability, with regulation of anti-heeling tanks.
  2. Safe return to port with damage ship: This regulation requires to is analyzed for passenger ships potential accident scenarios and is assessed the severity of the damage. In the event that the ship can survive without external aid should be able to return to safe harbor with its own means, and it this is only able to calculate it and confirm it an Expert System in Ship Safety. It is not required for other types of ships, but undoubtedly will this path soon are walked. Our system calculates: Diagnosis of the situation in case of failure, structural strength after damage, Emergency Response and Decision Support.
  3. Energy efficiency: Our system complies with the new EU regulations (EU Regulation 2015/757) on Energy Efficiency and Control of Gas Emission CO2, mandatory from January 1, 2018 for all ships travel to, from, and between EU ports. Shipowners must have a monitoring plan before August 31, 2017 for each of its ships, and monitor and report on their energy efficiency and the amount of CO2 emitted. Data collection will begin on a per trip after January 1, 2018 and once the data are verified by an independent entity are sent to a central database of the EU, who will publish for each vessel. Our system monitors  and indicates the optimal value of the / the: dynamic trim, dynamic heel, speed vessel, Rumbo, Propeller pitch, Global Power, Power propulsion, auxiliary power, AC power, Total fuel consumption, Energy Efficiency, Index EEOI.
  4. CO2 emissions: Our system performs the overall monitoring of the vessel, using the indicators demanded by the aforementioned regulations, therefore by travel as periods (monthly, yearly , etc).
  5. Monitoring in "The Cloud": Through this monitoring, all data generated on board are transferred to it from for the ground do a comparative assessment and manage the loads, consumption, CO2 emissions, incidents, etc. The advantage of Cloud over other systems is that you can view from any computer, tablet, smarphone, etc., and anywhere in the world.


In summary: To integrate in a single computer the Expert System in Safety and Expert System in Energy Efficiency is an important differential advantage because:

Janus Systems, S.L. Janus is the only Spanish company that has in the market an Expert System in Security and Ship Energy Efficiency. It has already been successfully installed in several ships, such as the oceanographic Sarmiento de Gamboa  belonging to CSIC.



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