Janus System

The Janus System, in addition to everything related to a complete Load Calculator, performs the calculations of the Ship Efficiency Calculator: 

1.- Loading Computer for intact ship: Static Control and in Real-time (dynamic) of: Heel, Trim, Stability, Parametric Resonance, Broaching, High Waves, Navigation on the Crest of the Wave, etc.

2.- Loading Computer for damage ship: In addition to the above, it evaluates the severity of the damage in a breakdown, and whether the ship has survivability. It provides: Diagnosis of the situation, Emergency Responses, and Support for Decisions.

3.- Efficiency Computer of the Ship: The System complies with the new Community (MRV) and IMO (DCS) regulations on Energy Efficiency. Optimizes the: Dynamic trim, Dynamic heeling, Vessel speed, Vessel heading, Propeller pitch, Overall power, Propulsion power, Auxiliary power, Air conditioning power, Total fuel consumption, EEOI Index, etc. In addition, the System controls the ship's emissions, both for trips and for periods of time (monthly, annual, etc.). With two options:

4.- Machinery Efficiency Calculator of the Ship: With two options:

5.- Follow-up in "The Cloud": It makes it possible to manage loads, consumption, CO2 gas emissions, incidents, etc.  


For more information see Janus Loading Computer and Janus Efficiency Computer

To integrate in a single computer the Expert System in Safety and Expert System in Energy Efficiency is an important differential advantage because:

It has already been successfully installed in several ships: CSIC, Armas-Trasmediterránea, Balearia, Boluda.







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