Company & history


In the past, founders of our company have researched, developed and manufactured an Expert System for Security of Ships of War, called SIMBAD. This expert system is officially registered by our company in the Intellectual Property of Spain, and has been installed on ships of the Battle Group of the Spanish Navy. Later in 1993 they created Janus Systems, SL formed with staff with extensive experience in the naval sector, having researched, developed and produced an expert system for the safety of merchant ships, called JANUS and is also officially registered in the Intellectual Property. This calculator with more than two decades of existence, has evolved with continuous improvements and innovations working very closely with our customers, taking many suggestions and ideas of shipyards and shipowners. It settled and homologated in more than 90 ships, so in the nineties was leading Spain.


From 2000 to 2011 the company was dedicated to economic field, developing extensive work in the field of consultancy through the development of various sectoral studies, management control, business plans, surveys, etc.


Since 2012 the company took up again the naval field and launched a more advanced version of Loading Computer Janus (see Loading Computer Janus) with which we intend to return to achieve a good position in the market.


Legal form and social capital

- JANUS SYSTEMS, Ltd is a company that started its activity on March 11, 1993, and under another name. Its capital is 100% Spanish.


Human resources

Janus Systems, Ltd has a highly skilled team and take full ownership of the company: engineers, computer programmers, draftsmen, etc., who design, estimate, plan and execute the works commissioned in the quality required by customers. Make training with the objective to improve steadily, skills at all levels of staff.




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