Computer products

Janus Systems and the state of the art of Loading Computers.- On the market there are the following types:

  1. It does not perfom any calculations. Only shows on screen the contents of the book of stability for intact ship, either in PDF or reproducing its numbers.
  2. Make a few calculations. It merely interpolated from the data supplied by engineering (hydrostatic, KN curves, etc.) so accuracy is low. In case of damages only you perform a check with a limit curve.
  3. Performs direct calculations precision, for both intact ship as for damaged ship. It generates its own forms from to the forms planes, general arrangement, tanks-compartments, as well as hidrostatic, KN curves, and other calculations. It must use accurate data (Autocad, etc.) or in paper or PDF in good condition (no deformations, clearly, etc.).
  4. Performs calculations precision. Includes type 3 above and provides decisions the capitan in case of emergencies (Safe Return to Port for intact ship and damaged ship) from the sensors installed properly in the ship.
  5. Performs calculations nprecision and added value. It includes types 3 and 4, and controls the Energy Efficiency and greenhouse Emissions of CO2, NOX and SO2, with significant fuel savings.
  6. It works in "The Cloud". Includes types 3, 4 and/or 5 depending on what you want the shipyard/shipowner. That is take part of what is called the "Internet of things" (Industry connected 4.0).

From of January 1, 2017 can not be used types 1 and 2 in new ships or ships having to renew their loading Computer, as they hardly provide nothing to the maritime safety. Type 5 comes into force on 01-01-2018 for any ship traveling to, from and between ports of the European Union. Many ships do not have the type 5 built in the Loading Computer, but if on another computer.


The Janus Systems is type 6 and integrates types 3, 4 and 5, ie generates its own forms of the ship. Janus Systems, Ltd offers the following products:




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