New computer 

Loading Computer Janus has more than two decades of existence (dating from 1993), and has been evolving with continuous improvements and innovations. Now a group of engineers and naval architects, using the latest programming methods, we have developed the Expert System Janus, consisting of a program easy to use, powerful, versatile, agile and modern. Janus Expert System is a breakthrough software to the field of naval and maritime security, because calculated in real time the effects of changes in load conditions, analyzes the stability parameters, warns of abnormalities that may occur a ship, and provides solutions to correct them.


Energy Efficiency (average fuel savings of 7&)
Controlling of the Efficiency of the Ship the Loading Computer Janus can greatly reduce fuel consumption. We have found that there is an average saving data of the 7% of consumption cambustible a ship (average of € 250,000 / year in certain vessels), allowing amortized over a short time investment. It depends on the area where navigates and of the type of boat. Not the same brave the Atlantic (as is the case of the North Sea) as the placid Mediterranean, or even between areas of the Atlantic itself (as the Canary Islands). The basic and fundamental it is that the system allows the pattern statistically learn the impact of the trim of the boat, taking into account trim design of the boat. If a vessel does not adjust his seat in a long journey, a few degrees in the seat will make a significant difference in fuel consumption.

In short, the new Loading Computer Janus, is a computer system that guarantees the safety of the ship, according to the regulations of various Classification Societies and diverse international maritime safety regulations (IMO, SOLAS, etc.).


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