Safe Return to Port with Damaged Ship

This regulation requires for passenger ships that are analyzed potential accident scenarios and are assessed the severity of the damage. In the event that the ship can sobreviivr without external aid should be able to return to safe harbor with its own means, and it this is only able to calculate and confirm an Expert System in ship safety. It is not required for other types of ships, but undoubtedly will this path are walk soon. Our system calculates:

It is therefore a "sentinel" that detects and warns of any incident, because with the information provided "online" by the electronic sensors continuously analyzes the residual stability and strength that still retains the hull and is an "expert system" because it provides solutions to restore normalcy. Annually in the world occur about 200 accidents and most of the boats involved endure afloat between 2 and 7 days. A 90% of the capsized may have been saved with the help of an expert system, including the "Prestige", since "offline" from land had avoided the catastrophe (See possible solutions: Prestige Solutions).




It advises the master of the vessel providing it solutions to correct any incidents. Thus the captain can take preventive measures and remedy problems faster. In case of accident or breakdown, the System also calculates the damage inflicted on the stability and strength that still retains the hull, if several compartments the ship are flooded .


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