Control and Reduction of CO2 gas emission (Measuring, Reporting and Verification - MRV)

MRV is an European Regulation, which shows the importance and necessity of monitor, report and verify GHG (Greenhouse Gases) emissions, with a special attention to CO2. Is directed to maritime transportation in order to come up with a few goals: Reduce 40% of the GHG emission values comparing to the ones from 1990; and reduce net costs in 1200 million Euros. MRV is a necessary condition based on efficiency Standard and it is applied to: Ships with 5000 GT or higher; Ships carrying cargo or passengers for commerce purposes; From 1st January 2018 to ships carrying voyages to, within or from the EU ports. The information needs to be monitored is::

  • Fuel consumption at sea and at port;
  • Voyage data (time at sea, distance, cargo, transport work);
  • Energy efficiency parameters;
  • Emissions sources (main engines, auxiliary engines, boilers, gas turbines, inert gas generators):
  • CO2 emissions (based on emissions factors for each type of fuel)..


The obligations of ship owners are:

@  Develop a monitoring plan (per voyage and annual);
@  Provide to the verifiers emissions data (fuel consumption, GHG) and ships activity data (distance, cargo, time spent at sea);
@  Provide certifications of flowmeters and emissions source;
@  Provide procedures and calculations;
@  Carry on board a CO2 emission report 
checked and sealed by an independent verifier.

There are two kinds of penalties: In case of non-compliance the ship owners will be sanctioned in first instance; In case of non-compliance for two or more consecutive years ship owners may be banned from entering at any EU port.


Janus System performs Control and Reduction Gas Emission CO2, according to the rules approved by the IMO and European Union, and report on energy efficency (EEOI) and amount of CO2 emitted for travel and for a period of time (monthly, annually, etc.):

   Fuel consumption per distance traveled;

   Fuel consumption per transport made;

⇒   CO2 emissions per distance traveled;

⇒   CO2 emissions per transport made.

In all cases the, economical and quick to Control and Reduce the emissions is to have an automated process that integrates in one application the Loading Computer, the Control Energy Efficiency, and the Control of Gas Emission, such as the Janus System (see MRV regulation and Janus).

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