Security of yachts

Janus Systems, Ltd release a new system for the safety of yachts called INTEGRAL SYSTEM FOR THE SAFETY OF YACHTS, that calculates the static stability for the intact vessel, taking into account meteorological factors, as dynamic stability and the damage stability. The Integral System contains a Computer System connected to sensors throughout the yacht, capable of performing quickly and accurately naval engineering calculations to minimize human errors, alert in real time of anomalies, and to provide effective solutions. Also contains a series of modules that detect and alert of flooding and excessive listing and activate perimeter airbags to complement the vessel´s floatability and stability reserve, thus avoiding or at least delaying sinking.


It allows to reduce fuel consumption an average of 7%, amortizing over a short time the cost of the system

Although it has been proven in two ships, however it depends on the area by where it sails and of the type of boat. Not the same the Atlantic stormy (such as the North Sea) that the placid Mediterranean, or even between areas of the Atlantic (as the case of the Gulf of Guinea). The basic principle is that the system allows to the captain learn statistically the impact of the trim of the boat, taking into account the design trim of the vessel. If a ship not adjusts his trim in a relatively long passage, a few degrees in the trim will have a significant difference in fuel consumption. In our case, the Janus System indicates at all times which is the proper trim to optimize fuel consumption and optimal navigation path, before: surf, parametric resonance, seas aft with loss of stability, seas aft with luff (broaching).



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