Ships housed in The Cloud

Working in the cloud is to do what was being done, but leverage the Internet as a means of storage, communication and portability. The ship continues to wearing a computer that help to control the ships during for cargo operations and operational offshore, but in turn transmits its data to the cloud for that the shipowner can see in their offices the tanks, load condition, buoyancy, stability, longitudinal strength, etc. The real advantage of The Cloud is the increased productivity and reduced the costs. In addition, the immediacy of access to data managed in real time and on the move helps making more agile the decisions, errors are avoided and risks are minimized,

In the case of ships, the cloud serves primarily to control from the land all occurrences, the loads, fuel consumption, gas pollution, etc. Inteligent solutions can save up to 2,600 €/day in fuel consumption, and therefore, satellite comunications help to dave up to 10% of maritime expenses.


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