R & D & i Project

The project being carried out by the company aims to commercialize the Janus system, and every one of its modules independently according on customer demands, being its contribution to achieve ships safer, more efficient, and less polluting. At issue it is to automate as much as possible existing ships and turn them into smart, so it is not necessary to take both personnel on board, in order to improve efficiency and reduce maritime accidents, operating costs, and environmental pollution. The ships of the future cannot completely dispense of the endowment, and fewer passenger or dangerous goods ships, due to the regulatory framework, the consequences of an accident, and their compensation. Therefore the Janus Systems consists in the development of computational techniques through a set of hardware-software-sensors solution capable of handling a conventional ship automatically under the supervision of the manning, with the possibility that it can also be done by remote control. For this, has been posed a modular system so that all modules can be independent of each other, although they share many variables necessary for its operation

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